Without a doubt, Sin City is the party capital of the world! Rather it’s your first time in Las Vegas, or you have been here plenty of times before, you will likely find yourself wanting to let loose in one of the several nightclubs located on the Las Vegas Strip. Before heading out, it’s essential to know the rules and expectations of the clubs. 


We’re providing you with the top 5 things to know before visiting a Las Vegas nightclub.

1. All Nightclubs Are 21+


All nightclubs in Las Vegas are 21 and up, and there are no exceptions to this rule. You are required to present a valid ID or passport before entering a club, no matter your age. Yes, this does mean if you’re 50 years old, you will be required to show identification. 


2. Check The Dress Code


Dress to impress when going to a Las Vegas nightclub! All nightclubs along the strip will have fairly similar dress codes, but it’s essential to know the dress codes of the particular venue you plan to visit. For females, the dress code is relatively simple; a dress or even pants with a fashion top will do. However, females should avoid overly revealing clothing items. For males, a collared shirt and nice slacks or jeans will work just fine. Males should avoid baggy clothes, t-shirts, sneakers, and shorts. In addition, all genders should avoid sports jerseys, hats, flip-flops, and athletic wear. 


3. Wear Comfortable Shoes


Ladies, this one is for you. Your brand new 6” heels may seem like a good idea when getting dressed, but it’s going to be a bad decision four hours later. Unless you have a table reserved, there will not likely be a place to sit, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes you can walk and stand in for long periods. No one wants to be the girl walking barefoot through the casino at 3 a.m.


4. Don’t Pregame Too Hard


People tend to go hard during pregames in an attempt to save money on drinks. However, security and bouncers at the nightclubs can deny you entry if you are stumbling into the club. If you choose to pregame, be ready to put your sober face on when entering the facility.


5. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings


I’m sure you’ve heard this one before; however, it is crucial to be aware of what is happening around you when you’re in a packed nightclub. Know where your phone, keys, purse, and friends are at all times. Be cautious when setting your belongings down, as it only takes a few seconds for someone to run off with your wallet or phone. 


There you have it, the top five things to know before visiting a Las Vegas nightclub. 


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