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Everyone must do Las Vegas once in their lives. While Las Vegas lost out to Macau as the gambling capital of the world, and according to CNN it has lost out to Nashville for being the bachelorette capital of the US; yet it still boasts many firsts from there being one slot machine for every Las Vegas resident, to over three-hundred weddings happening in the city a day. The Resorts World Las Vegas is one such hotel property to handle all the traffic that flows in and out of Sin City every year. The Resort is massive yet beautifully designed, sitting on over 80+ acres and located on the north end of the Las Vegas strip. Opening last year, it is the first hotel built from the ground up in the last ten years.

Resorts World Las Vegas is designed in a way that guests don’t have to leave. Now, Las Vegas has numerous hotels, over 150,000 rooms in the city to be exact, and it is a place where guests will want to leave their respective hotels to take in the city. Resorts World Las Vegas is by far one of the best choices. So even if a guest ventures out and visits another hotel, they know what they have back at Resorts World Las Vegas and will be excited to return.