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As reputation would have it, a few days of partying in Vegas can be detrimental to your health and your pocket book if not done correctly. In a city that doesn’t sleep, it can be difficult to keep up. Here is a simple guideline to help you prolong your party rockin’ experience without all the fuss.

Do not “over-plan.”

Creating itineraries without knowledge of how the club scene is run can be problematic. Many clubs do not take reservations up until 48 hours prior. In addition, many guest lists are not open until the day of.

Make life easier! Contact Turnt Up Tours so that we can create a line-up for you. Our itineraries are sent out 72 hours prior to your tour date. All details such as: meet up location and time slots will be included in these itineraries so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Drink Responsibly.

Now, you definitely don’t have to abide by D.U.I. laws while you’re on tour with us, however in order to keep the party going, you must pace yourself. If you are too intoxicated while waiting in line, you can jeopardize the entire groups’ entry into the club. Not to mention, while inside, if a bouncer sees you tripping, stumbling, or just being extremely rowdy, they can kick you out.

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“Sloppiness” is not accepted in clubs here in Las Vegas. You know your limits. Tread lightly.

Treat your body to the necessities.

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Generally speaking, a healthy amount of water consumption is about 8-10 glasses a day. Prior to your tour, make sure that you are hydrated and that you have eaten. If you do not eat or hydrate, you will feel the drinks harder and quicker. Yes, that may sound good at first, however you will not last the entire night. If needed, water is provided on all our party buses, and water fountains can be found in all hotels.

Dress in your BEST ! 

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Dress codes are strictly enforced. If you are not in the correct attire, you will not be allowed entry. Men, keep it a comfortable G.Q. Ladies, keep it upscale. If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to bring disposable flats for the long treks inside the casino. However, heels are required for entry. Remember, you don’t have to dress as if you are going to a fancy ball, but the better you dress, the less likely you are to run into problems at the door.


Last but not least…Let the Party Animal Inside of you ROAR!


Check this post out to read about how Turnt Up Tours keeps the party going !

Sin City is also known as “the ultimate adult playground.” You can decipher the meaning of this in many ways, however the overall conclusion is the same: You’re going to enjoy yourself. So, Let loose! Enjoy the drinks and the atmosphere. There is no other place in the world that encourages this behavior more than Las Vegas. Believe me, nobody’s judging.