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Every March 17th has been set aside as St Patrick’s Day. The day is in honor of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who tried all he could to convert pagans into Christians. However, since its inception in 1737, the day has been transformed from a holy and religious feast into a secular celebration across the world; and Las Vegas isn’t left out in this celebration.

On St Patrick’s Day, the Irish culture is celebrated with great food, music, dancing, parades and a whole lot of the color green. Hence, it’s a day for everyone; whether they are of Irish descent or not.

If you happen to be in Vegas for this years’ St Patrick’s Day celebration, we’ve got some awesome outfit ideas for what to wear. Read on to find out how you can combine your outfits for the celebration.

Women’s Clothing

This day isn’t the day to go to formal (unless you’re comfortable with the idea of going back to your room to have a quick outfit change); it is always better to go for simple looks. Look out for green colored pieces of clothing; from dresses to skirts and blouses, there are a whole lot of great color combinations you will find.

An all-time favorite for everyone is the ultimate green, black and white combo. A black blazer, coupled with a white and green patterned top, together with black jeans or skirt, and voila! Your outfit is ready. Feel free to alternate the colors to the ones you’re most comfortable with. You could keep up with the trends by choosing outfits that are in vogue at the moment. Cold shoulder tops and dresses, sweetheart necklines and tight/high waisted jeans are top picks here.

Men’s Clothing

For the men who are serious about getting all decked out for this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebration, a green plaid kit is the best option. As much as it isn’t of Irish origin, it is a good novelty costume. Moreover, male outfits for St. Patrick’s Day are quite on the expensive side, so if you’re on a tight budget, this outfit is the best option.

Also, a green tuxedo long-sleeve T-shirt is a fun outfit choice as it is usually casual and comfortable with just very little amount leaving your pocket for its purchase. It comes in several sizes so you can either buy it online or at local stores in Vegas.

Fun Unisex Accessories

When it comes to accessories both men and women are allowed to get weird with their looks.  For a more daring look, women (and even men) could opt for an all green afro, straight wig or if you’re really feeling bold add green glitter to your hair or beard. For those who don’t have such guts to pull this off, they can go for subtle choices like spray dying the tips or hair edges of their hair to green.

Girls and guys can also play up their wardrobe with green bow ties, shamrock customized sun shades, green patterned socks, shamrock suspenders, a green mustache, fingerless shamrock gloves and lots more. Luckily, most of all these items are one size fits all and they can be found almost in every local Vegas store. Ensure you purchase them in good time to get your St Patrick’s Day groove on.

Whether you’re a party host or you’re just out there to have fun, these outfit ideas are brilliant choices to start with.

 If you want to experience the luck of the Irish in Sin City, there are plenty of superb destination choices available to you. Start St. Patty’s Day off with a Vegas nightclub party bus tour, then make sure to hit up at least one of these 7 spots. Slàinte!