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Despite Vegas being a desert, temperatures tend to plummet during winter nights. In lieu of freezing your buns off during your Las Vegas VIP club crawl, here are some handy tips to help warm you up.

1. Drink Hot Chocolate

You can stay warm by sipping on a sweet treat with a mug of hot cocoa that can be ordered from Winter in Venice, which is an annual event that is hosted at the The Venetian and Palazzo. You can walk around with the beverage and take it to go until reaching your hotel.

2. Get a Warm Jacket at Caesar’s Palace

Visit the Forum Shops in Caesar’s Palace to shop for the perfect jacket that you can wear outside. You can choose a designer jacket that allows you to fit in with the stylish city or even purchase one that is a souvenir to take home.

3. Spend Time on the Monorails

Instead of spending more time outside to get to various casinos or restaurants on the Strip, opt for getting around by taking the monorails. You’ll be able to get to different places in just minutes, which will allow you to spend more time indoors and out of the cold.

4. Go Dancing

Visit Surrender Nightclub or XS Las Vegas on the Strip where you can dance the night away at one of the hottest clubs in the city. The upbeat music and indoor setting will allow you to keep the chill away at night when the temperatures drop. 

5. Order a Warm Bowl of Soup

Enjoy a warm bowl of miso soup or ramen at Ramen Ya Katana, which is located on Las Vegas Blvd. S. on the Strip. You’ll increase your body temperature to make it easier to brave the outdoors after your meal.

6. Buy Gloves at Topshop

Look trendy and edgy by purchasing stylish mittens or gloves at Topshop to stay warm while walking on the Strip. The store sells the winter accessories for both men and women to ensure that your hands stay warm without compromising on your style.

Of course, you could also bypass the cold altogether by booking a party bus tour. Turnt Up Tours offers exclusive access to some of the hottest clubs on the strip and even serves complimentary beverages in transit. Call (702) 843-0525 today to learn more about our party bus services.