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We’ve all experienced Vegas casinos through the eyes of Hollywood. While visions of beautiful women, newly wealthy winners buying everyone a round, and an assortment of other raucous hijinks may be dancing through your head on your way to town, it’s time for a dose of Sin City reality. Before heading to the casino, Turnt Up in Las Vegas encourages you to make a mental note to avoid any of these things:

1. Assuming You’ll Leave a Winner

Casinos aren’t in business to make everyone’s day a lucky one. While you can certainly win money, don’t assume you’re going to beat house odds and clean up big time.

2. Stubbornly Trying to Recoup Losses

Avoid the temptation to keep heading back to the ATM once you blow through what you had on hand. Regardless of how you make out, set a limit and stick with it.

3. Hitting Buddies Up for More Money

No matter how willing a friend is to spot you a couple Benjamins, there will inevitably come a time when you’ll need to pay it back. Unless you want to lose friends quickly, stick with your limit.

4. Not Using the Cup Holder

Even George Clooney and his “Ocean’s” buddies would have an issue with having to shift to another table because some klutz knocked over their drink. The cup holders are there for a reason.

5. Paying for Drinks

You might as well wear a t-shit that says “Newbie” on it if you’re hitting the tables and also paying for drinks. As long as you’re gambling, the booze are free.

6. Skipping the Tips

If you want to get a quick rep for being the cheap gambler to avoid, feel free not to tip the waitress. A buck a drink should, at least, get you a smile. Toss the dealer an extra chip now and then, too, especially if you’re going to be firmly planted at a table.

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