Las Vegas is one of the world’s most popular party destinations, but “what happens in Vegas” won’t stay in Vegas if you aren’t aware of the city’s drinking laws. Las Vegas is well known for its lax alcohol laws that allow people to drink in public. In fact, these rules help contribute to the city’s reputation as a 24-hour entertainment mecca. Before you get carried away, though, make sure you understand the few caveats to drinking in Vegas. 

Drinking in Public Is (Mostly) Okay

It is perfectly legal to carry an open container of alcohol and drink in public in Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County, including the Strip, which many do not realize falls outside of Las Vegas boundaries. 

There are a few exceptions to this rule. Public drinking is illegal within 1,000 feet of a hospital, school, synagogue, church, homeless shelter, or withdrawal management center. If you are staying on the Strip, this won’t be a problem. 

Containers Don’t Have Equal Rights

Not all containers are treated equally under the law. If you buy the liquor in a closed container, you cannot drink it on the property or within 1,000 feet of the store. If you purchased the drink in an open container, you can drink it in public. 

Glass containers are now treated differently on the Strip as well. As of 2014, it is now illegal to carry a glass container of alcohol on the Strip. On Fremont Street, glass containers and aluminum cans are prohibited. 

Drinking Is Prohibited in MOST Vehicles

Finally, be sure you remember that an open container of alcohol is illegal in a vehicle if you are driving or taking public transportation. There is an exception to this rule: chartered transportation. The law makes it clear that open containers are perfectly legal if you are using a service like a Las Vegas party bus or limo.

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