Whether you’re cruising around as part of a club crawl in Las Vegas or posted up at a bar to people watch, there are a 10 people you are almost guaranteed to see any and every time you come to Vegas.

1. The Dressed Up Woman Walking Barefoot

This girl started planning her Vegas wardrobe before she knew she was making the trip. Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable heels may seem, they’re no match for Vegas all-nighters.

2. The Dusty Old Lady

At every casino you’ll find an old woman in front of a slot machine, and we do mean old. She will move so little you’ll be tempted to hold a mirror under her nose. She’ll spring to life in an instant, however, if you even think about getting too close and ruining her mojo.

3. The Doomsdayer

This guy loves Jesus. If you don’t, he is convinced you’re headed straight to eternal damnation, and soon, since the end is clearly near. Give this guy a wide berth or you’ll find yourself in a conversation that may convince you that you’re already in Hell.

4. The Excessive PDA-ers

Whether they have been together for four years or four minutes, many couples get overly amorous on The Strip. You’ll see everything from the just married to the just met crowd pawing all over each other.

5. The Bottled Water Guy

This guy sells bottled water out of a cooler and he sells it cheap. Know him and love him.

6. The Desperate Dude

This guy came to Vegas to hook up with random chicks but hasn’t scored yet. In an effort to get laid, he’s hitting on every girl in the club. Literally, every single one.

7. The Photographer

Sadly, this poor guy will only be seeing Las Vegas through the viewfinder and will likely bump into during an attempt to get the best shot.

8. The Gelato Virgins

Believe it or not, there are still people who haven’t discovered gelato. But they’ll find it on The Strip, and they won’t shut up about it.

9. Mr. Play It Safe

With so many amazing restaurants on The Strip, it’s hard to believe that this guy will be desperately searching for a Ruby Tuesdays.

10. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Of course you want to live it up before you get married. These people, however, will be acting like they won’t ever be leaving the house again.

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