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A trip to Las Vegas may include a lot more than seeing the latest Elvis impersonator. Las Vegas is the place to get crazy at your bachelor or bachelorette bash or party all night just because that’s what you do in Vegas. Instead of fighting the traffic, get the party started on the way to your destination and book alternative transportation for the night or weekend.

1. Lyft

Lyft if available 24/7 and offers several options. The original app allows for up to four passengers, Lyft Plus can accommodate you and five friends (six riders total), and Lyft Line pairs you with other riders who are traveling along the same or a similar route. If you haven’t used Lyft before, you’re in luck! First-time riders can use our “Turntuplv” code when booking a ride.

2. Uber

Uber offers on-demand transportation anywhere in Las Vegas. If you need airport transportation, pickup at your hotel, or just want to avoid walking to a casino in the heat, Uber provides reliable transportation in just a few minutes. UberX offers economy rides when you just want to get to a destination fast and without frills, UberXL can accommodate groups (usually six to seven people), and UberSelect is ideal for people looking to make a statement when they arrive.

3. Private Limo

A private limo is the choice of a lot of tourists in Las Vegas. You can book transportation from the airport directly to your hotel or any destination in Vegas. Private limo companies provide luxury cars, SUVs, vans, buses, and limos, with plenty of space for carry-ons and luggage. Limos are a nice one-time option, but less economical for regular trips around the strip.

4. Party Bus

Get the party started before you get to your destination. While you likely won’t want to take a party bus every time you head out, hopping on a party bus Las Vegas tourists love is sure to guarantee a fun night out. Admission to clubs is typically included—and without waiting in line–and you can choose from different nightclub, dayclub, and private party packages.

So you’ve landed in Vegas and you’re ready to get turnt up. Sign up for a Las Vegas club crawl with Turnt Up Tours and let us show you what Vegas is all about! Book your tour online or give us a call at (702) 843-0525!