As a Vegas newbie, you’ll soon discover what brings 40 million or so visitors to this neon paradise each year. As you prepare to be dazzled by a myriad of glittering casinos and endless shopping and dining possibilities, take a deep breath and consider the following tips from Turnt Up Las Vegas.

1. Don’t Walk Everywhere

Even though the Vegas strip encompasses four miles, things aren’t as close together as they appear. If you’re going to explore, make your transportation arrangements in advance. There are also walkways inside and outside of casinos and convenient trams.

2. Don’t Buy Casino Drinks

Wait long enough and a waitress will come to you and offer you a tasty libation. Most casinos offer free drinks to keep you gambling. This will also save you money if you plan to hit the clubs later.

3. Three Words: Jacket, Sunscreen, Water

Sure, Vegas is bathed in sunshine year-round, but many casinos and hotels overcompensate for this by blasting the AC. Even if you decide against the light jacket, sunscreen and water are essentials if you plan to make your way to pool parties or rooftop clubs.

4. Know When to Walk away from the Tables

Lucky streaks will always come to an end. Avoid the temptation to keep pressing your luck, especially if you only have so much set aside for gambling.

5. Be Flexible with Your Dining Hours

Peak dining time in Vegas is from 6pm to 8pm. If possible, opt for something a little earlier or later to avoid a lot of wasted waiting time. Either that or make your reservations as far in advance as possible to secure a good spot.

6. Factor in Wait Times for Taxis

Vegas is not New York City. You’re not going to be able to quickly flag down a taxi. During peak season, you can wait as long as an hour.

7. Costumed Characters Aren’t Free

It won’t take you long to spot the Minions, Elmos or other costumed characters when you’re out and about in Vegas. Just be prepared to pay for pics you take with them. Some performers are willing to negotiate a fee beforehand.

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