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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That is, unless you go on a club crawl in Las Vegas and visit one of the following bars. The visual glow of these five unique bars just has to be shared with friends back home. Just be careful where you point the camera. It is Vegas, after all.

1. Hofbräuhaus

Hofbräuhaus has delectable beer and a yearlong Oktoberfest vibe. The building is a copy of Munich’s original Hofbräuhaus, which means you can spend some time in Germany without the expensive plane ticket. It’s all lederhosen, dirndls, authentic music, potato soup and chicken schnitzel salad.

2. Park on Fremont

Cross Alice in Wonderland with Beetlejuice and you will get an idea of what Park on Fremont has to offer. There’s a fireplace outside the bar, a carriage on the roof and an obscene neon sign outside. The interior walls are aligned with eye-catching and inexplicable art you can’t look away from.

3. Millennium Fandom

Some might think the title of this bar has something to do with the 21st century or those millennials we keep hearing about. They’d be wrong, however. This is the place to get your Star Wars freak on. Come in dressed as Boba Fett or Hans and you’ll fit right in.

4. Minus 5 Ice Bar

While part of a franchise, the Minus 5 makes the list for being a frozen-themed drinking establishment in the middle of the desert. When the sun is hammering Vegas with three digit temps most of the year, the inside of this bar will be a brisk 23 degrees. On top of that, everything is bathed in that cool “X-Files” glow.

5. Gold Spike

Gold Spike is a combo bar and summer camp. Play pool, darts, giant Jenga, beanbag toss or board games. Take a nap on the bed if you’re comfortable falling asleep in bars. Despite its sophisticated décor, this spot is for the kid in all of you.

These aren’t the only Las Vegas bars that are worthwhile. To see these and other exciting bars and clubs in Vegas, contact Turnt Up Tours at (702) 843-0525 to book your tour today.