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Vegas is known for its casinos, clubs, and high cost. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Here’s how to have an epic Vegas weekend while on a budget (because who isn’t).


Everyone’s dream is landing in Vegas in the comfort of a private jet. For most people, however, reality is a little different. Depending on where you’re flying in from, check budget airlines like Spirit and Allegiant. Space might be tight (and they charge for all kinds of extras), but you might be able to fly in and out of Sin City for under $200. 

Checking In

While a suite with a basketball court, private pool, and bowling alley may be on your wish list, heading off The Strip will save you big bucks. Check out The Plaza Downtown. It went through a huge renovation recently and offers rooms for as low at $39–hard to beat when you’re on a budget. 


That $2,725 bottle of Cristal at Caesars champagne lounge might make your mouth water, but unless you hit it big at the casinos (and don’t count on it), it’s likely out of the budget. Instead, if you’re in town on a Thursday, check out the free wine tastings held by Rock ‘N Roll Wine at cool locales like Poppy Den and Ghostbar. 


Sure, betting big bucks offers big returns, provided you have the big bucks to bet. Instead, head to casinos like Monte Carlo and the Venetian that have blackjack machines paying 3:2 and with “dealers” that stay on 17. That’s about as player-friendly as it gets in this city. 


Popping bottles in the club surrounded by beautiful people is, without a doubt, a good time. It’s also going to cost you a pretty penny—we’re talking upwards of $5k or more depending on where your table it. Instead, partake in the club crawl Las Vegas partygoers love. You’ll check out three of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas, skip the line and cover, and get free drinks along the way. 

Strip Clubs

Balling out at a strip club is on many visitors’ bucket lists (guys and girls). And while there are plenty of strip clubs to check out, including renowned clubs like Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino, tipping and lap dances at high-end clubs like this will empty your wallet in the blink of an eye. 

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