While you are doing a traditional Las Vegas pub crawl, you will want to easily move from one location to another. Thankfully there are many great ways to get around Las Vegas.

1. Hotel Shuttles

Many hotels have shuttles that will meet you at the airport. Some hotels offer further transportation around town. Check with the individual hotel to see what they offer. 

2. Lyft / Uber 

There are numerous Lyft and Uber services in Las Vegas. Download the app choose your size of vehicle needed, set your location, and they will pick you up where you are located. You can see your driver’s picture and vehicle details and follow their arrival on the map. Alternatively, walk to the nearest casino, and you will likely find a Passenger Pickup area designated specifically for Lyft and Uber. These are very inexpensive in Las Vegas compared to many cities.

3. Rent a Car

You can rent a car at the airport and at several locations in Las Vegas. Make sure that you book ahead whenever possible as there is often a higher demand than vehicles available. If you normally drive a private vehicle, then keep down the costs by bringing along a copy of your automobile insurance policy. In most cases, it will cover you. However, this may not be an ideal option if your group is drinking unless you are the designated driver.

4. Las Vegas Monorail

Except for the hours between 2 or 3am to 7am, you can ride the Las Vegas Monorail. The stations are located at the back of every major casino. These trains run every 10 or 15 minutes and are incredibly safe. There are no drivers, so make sure that you know where you are going before you jump on the monorail.

5. Bus

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada operates buses throughout Las Vegas. Some of these buses only run at certain times during the day, so be sure to check the schedule before counting on the bus. Get to and from the airport on the WAX bus. This same bus will take you to the Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall. Unlike some bus systems that offer transfers, Las Vegas’s system is based on the time on the bus. 

Getting around Las Vegas without wearing out your feet by walking is easy when you choose between these options. Alternatively, you can also book a tour with Turnt Up Tours. Our extravagant party busses are equipped with friendly hostesses, complimentary booze and easy access to Sin City’s hottest clubs. Call 702-843-0525 today to book your party bus tour.