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Planning a memorable bachelorette or bachelor party in Las Vegas and searching for the perfect party bus rental? Whether you need a limo service for a special occasion or just a fun night out, picking the right one is key! With our experience in the party scene, we get how tricky it can be to choose the best services in Las Vegas.

You definitely need a luxury party bus to cruise around, so here are tips to make sure you pick the right one!

Book Your Private Limo Party Bus in Advance

Las Vegas is a hot spot for events. Booking your party bus limo well in advance, especially during busy times, guarantees availability and better deals. Waiting until the last minute might mean missing out on top-quality rentals that give you the most for your money!

Take a look at our tour schedule and reserve your spot to ensure a fantastic time cruising through Las Vegas.


Inquire About The Party Bus Amenities

Delve into the specifics! Inquiring about amenities ensures your high roller isn’t merely transportation, but a personalized experience for your event. Some party bus rentals offer themed decor which is perfect for bachelorette parties, while others have the perfect set up for your next birthday party. From mini-bars to dancer poles or onboard photographers, these thoughtful touches make your Vegas journey truly memorable!

Party Bus in Las Vegas, NV

Meet The Staff Before You Book

Don’t forget about the hosts! Ask about their demeanor and experience. Engaging hosts can elevate your party bus experience, ensuring a fun and safe journey around Vegas.

Check out our dedicated hosts page to get acquainted and ensure an incredible time on board!


Explore Tour Options 

When planning your Vegas adventure, Turnt Up Tours provides diverse options to suit your preferences. Opt for our exclusive private tours, perfect for you and your friends, allowing you to personalize your journey and create unforgettable memories together. If you’re looking to meet new friends and share the excitement, our pre-planned tours along the iconic Las Vegas Strip offer a hassle-free and entertaining group experience.

For those who prefer the freedom of an hourly rate, our specialized party bus service, Discreet,  allows you to customize your celebration by the hour. This ensures flexibility and the ability to tailor your experience to your specific desires.

Discover more about our offerings by visiting our Private Tours page, where you can personalize your journey with exclusive experiences. If you’re interested in hassle-free group adventures, check out our Pre-Planned Group Tours along the lively Las Vegas Strip. For those who prefer the freedom of hourly rates, explore the possibilities with Discreet, our specialized party bus service.

So, How Much Does a Party Bus Rental Cost in Las Vegas?

Pricing varies depending on the experience, but on average, expect prices for your party bus rental to be around $90 per person. Private tours might cost more due to custom plans, while pre-planned tours often offer a per-person rate at potentially lower costs. If you would prefer to rent by the hour, visit Discreet to get a quote today! 

How Much Should You Tip Your Driver? 

First, be sure to verify if gratuity is part of the service before offering your driver additional cash! Ofcourse, if not included, 20% is the standard for tipping culture. 

While price matters, don’t pick your party bus rental company solely based on cost. A cheaper deal may look good, but focusing only on price could mean missing out. You will pay with poor service quality, amenities, and not the best overall experience. 

Choosing the right party bus rental company might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help you find the perfect fit within your budget and needs. Contact us today to hear about our rates so we can pair you with a party bus rental that is perfect for you!