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Las Vegas is known for its crazy nightlife, but there are also plenty of fun daytime actions for people who prefer to get a good night’s sleep before they go gambling or head out on a bar crawl. Vegas has around-the-clock entertainment, so there is always something to do in Vegas regardless of the time. Partying during the day also comes with some excellent benefits.

1. Take Advantage of Happy Hour Deals

One of the biggest benefits to daytime partying in Vegas is the chance to save money. Plenty of clubs, bars, and eateries offer special deals to people who visit before the sun sets. In many Vegas bars and restaurants, happy hour lasts from 4 to 7pm, and you can get huge discounts on drinks. 

2. Get the Chance Explore the Desert

Just taking a short trip away from the city gives you a fun opportunity to drive a classic Las Vegas dune buggy through the sand dunes. This slightly untraditional Vegas experience is ideal for people who want to try out something that boosts their adrenaline. At night, the area tends to be poorly lit and rather chilly, so you can only try out this wild experience during the day. 

3. Enjoy Checking Out the Fun Tours

When you party at night, the only thing to do is sit around drinking and gambling. Vegas can sometimes be more entertaining during the day because there are a lot of tour guides available throughout the city. Many of these tours come in the form of bus tours, so you can grab a few drinks, then sit back to learn about Vegas without worrying about designated drivers. There are even exciting party buses in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can take to hit up some of the hottest local clubs.

4. Party at a More Relaxing Pace

Partying does not always have to include dancing yourself to exhaustion in busy nightclubs. Fortunately, all the famous Vegas spas are open during the daytime, so you can take a more refined approach to partying by relaxing on a massage table while enjoying signature cocktails and glasses of wine.

5. Catch Cheap Shows

The entertainers in Vegas go all out regardless of the time of day. Matinee shows have the advantage of being significantly cheaper than daytime shows, so you can see famous singers, comedians, and performers for affordable prices. These shows are often so wild you will forget it’s even daytime outside.

6. Have Fun in the Sun

If you love partying on the beach, check out the hottest pools in Vegas. Some of the best partying opportunities during the day are at the pool clubs. These clubs host crazy pool parties complete with DJs, umbrellas in the drinks, and giant floating pool lounges. You can even enjoy European style sunbathing at some of the more liberal pool clubs in town.

There’s no better daytime event in Vegas than going on a VIP pub crawl with Turnt Up Tours. After experiencing the fun and excitement on one of our wild party buses, you’ll never think of Vegas the same again. Book your party bus tour online, or give us a call at 702-843-0525.