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The most famous city in Nevada is known all around the world for its action-packed casinos, thrilling entertainment performances, and pub crawls. Las Vegas is also known for pure fun in the sun. If you’re planning on hanging out at the swimming pool at your Sin City hotel, make sure you follow proper etiquette at all times.

Put Your Cell Phone on Silent

Don’t annoy the other people at the hotel swimming pool by shooting the breeze endlessly on your cell phone. If you need to have your phone on hand while you’re at the pool for any reason, put it on silent. If you have to answer a call, walk a few steps away first. Don’t ruin anyone’s relaxing swimming pool experience with your discussion.

Pay Attention to Your iPod Volume

It can be a lot of fun to enjoy your iPod while relaxing in or by the hotel swimming pool. Just make sure you do so tastefully and keep your headphone volume low, as sound travels further over water.

Just Say No to Smoking

Smoking is a big “no-no” for people who want to practice proper hotel swimming pool etiquette. However, you don’t have to panic if you feel like getting your smoking fix. Simply head to the hotel’s smoking area. The last thing you want is to subject poor swimmers and sunbathers to your smoke.

Steer Clear of Public Displays of Affection

Gratuitous public displays of affection and swimming pools at Las Vegas hotels don’t exactly go together well. Keep things classy at your hotel’s swimming pool. If you’re with your significant other and feel like going for a makeout session, wait until you’re back in your hotel room away from all innocent bystanders. It isn’t uncommon to see young children at hotel swimming pools.

Head to the Restroom for Diaper Changing Duties

Parents of very young children should practice proper hotel swimming pool etiquette as well. If you need to take on diaper changing duties, refrain from doing so by the swimming pool area where everyone can see. Head to the restroom to do so. 

Don’t Bring Drinks and Food into the Swimming Pool

Show respect to the rest of the people around you. Avoid bringing any beverages and food into the swimming pool. If you feel like enjoying a lemonade, wait until you’re out of the water. Spilling a beverage in the pool can turn into a big hassle for everyone.

Avoid Talking Loudly

A swimming pool is often a place of serenity. If you want to treat all of the swimmers and sunbathers around you with full respect, keep your voice on the quiet side, or at least speak at a volume that will not become an annoyance to other pool-goers.

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