Let’s face it: Vegas is a unique place, and living here has its own challenges. We are well aware of this. Hosting a club crawl Las Vegas tourists love also means we are asked a lot of the same questions, usually with a mix of shock and awe.

1. Do you live on The Strip?

Have you flown over Vegas lately? We have real neighborhoods with real homes. Hey, we even have parks and grocery stores! Surprising, I know. Besides, who wants to deal with that traffic? 

2. Do you gamble all the time?

No, almost never actually. We have seen the haggard faces of tourists at the airport leaving penniless and know better than to give the casinos our hard-earned money. In fact, when you come to town, please don’t ask us to hang out and watch you gamble away yours. 

3. How can you stand the heat?

It may seem hot to those of you coming from Minnesota (and we could ask you the same about the unbearable cold), but most Vegas locals are used to the heat. We have learned that during the summer we go from one air-conditioned place to another and drink lots of water. After all, it’s a “dry heat.” 

4. Can you get me a deal at…?

Just because we live here doesn’t mean we have an “in” wherever you want to go. Sure, we may know some people, but most likely we reserve those favors for when WE need something (duh).

5. Which hotel is the best?

There are hundreds of hotels in Vegas with many amenities, and your price range and your interests will determine where you want to stay. Some people love the excitement of The Strip while others prefer a quieter place in town. 

6. Which casino do you work in?

We all know people who work in casinos, this is Vegas after all, but we also have retail stores, schools, and other industries around town that require employees. We have normal lives with normal jobs, just like you. 

7. Where should I eat?

This is a fun question for Vegas locals, but if you ask, be prepared to get an extensive list of amazing restaurants, most of which are NOT on The Strip. 

8. Why would anyone want to live in Vegas?

Living here is like living anyplace else. We have families, friends, amazing year-round outdoor activities, and we have the glittering hotels and casinos and all they have to offer at our fingertips whenever we are in need of a fun night out!

Whether you want to see Vegas like a tourist or are visiting from out of town and want to explore everything the nightlife here has to offer, hop on board one of our party buses in Las Vegas and enjoy an epic night out! Learn more by visiting our site or giving us a call at (702) 843-0525.