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Whether you decide to take a dip in the grand pools of Vegas, or you have no plans of entering into the water, you have to be decked in the best bathing suits with a cover-up if you want, and a pair of nice, comfortable shoes. In Vegas, the more outrageous and over-the/top the bathing suit is; the better.

If you’re headed out to a Vegas pool party this summer, here are some great bathing suit choices that’ll definitely make heads turn;


  • Bandeau


They come with thin shoulder straps (some do not even have shoulder straps) and this choice of swimwear is highly recommended for women with smaller bust lines. They accentuate the chest area by making the breasts look larger than they really are. The Bandeau will definitely bring your sexy back at any Vegas pool party.


  • Stylish Bikinis



For a Vegas pool party, you need to invest in a stylish bikini. Don’t wear a swimsuit from three years ago that you just dug out of your closet. It’s Vegas! Show off your sexy self! Bikini tops and bottoms come in different styles, prints, and shapes. The most basic ones have usually triangle shapes that cover the breasts and ties behind the neck and back to give a more secure and adjustable fit.


  • Sexy One-Pieces



For those who don’t have the guts to bare almost everything in a bikini; one piece bathing suits are a great choice. One piece bathing suits have a way of making you look effortlessly sexy for a Vegas pool party. Luckily, they have been revolutionized with cutouts at the sides or at the back. The best part is that they are flattering for any body type so you have no excuse!

  • Halter Necks




For women who have ample bosoms, halter neck swimsuits are perfect. Most come with thicker fabric that goes around the neck, making the breasts look firm, round and perky. There are varieties of halter neck bathing suits like plunging necklines, high necks and lots more.

  • Thongs


This bathing suit type is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It reveals your entire bum but with the perk having zero tan lines. This style choice doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Wearing a thong to any Vegas pool party will definitely draw all kinds of attention to you, but if you can deal with it, why not?

Remember to always stick to bathing suits that are perfect your body type and shape. Once you follow this rule, you’ll ooze out lots of confidence as you strut your stuff and look your very best. Finally, confidence is everything so you should wear the bathing suit you’re most comfortable in. Confidence is attractive and the ultimate tool for sexiness. Remember, the sun in Vegas could be a bit scorching so avoid bathing suits that are too tight. Rather, stick to airy and light fabrics.

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