While Macau is getting bigger Las Vegas is ramping it up to stay on top as the entertainment capital of the world. Offering sports, sports, and even more sports is the future in Vegas.

The NHL extension was just the first step in a long journey to increase the non-gaming tourists. While the college teams and annual events were always lucrative it was only for a short time each season. Now we have two major league teams calling Las Vegas home with more to follow. The Formula 1 Event is also making less than 10 days away. We are looking at one of the most anticipated night races of all time! All of these developments do come at a cost though; with roads being overhauled and the traffic jams. The city promises these are temporary and we will all be back to normal soon. Sports in Vegas is expanding and growing and will be known for more than just casinos.

Las Vegas is Transforming into a Sports Mecca

Sports in Vegas TMobile Arena

For these fans Las Vegas is becoming a premier destination. With local teams being so successful and more sport events being hosted locally, Las Vegas is transforming into a sports betting mecca. Las Vegas is preparing for the future and establishing itself as a family friendly destination, actively moving away from its Sin City past. Currently Vegas is moving towards locking in the next NBA expansion team as well as a MLB team. Plans to offer more sporting events all year round will bring in fans from all over the country. Vegas has traditionally had a slow season after the summer events. Pool parties shut down…. but these new ventures bridge the gap between slow and busy season for travelers who still long for a winter Vegas getaway. I mean who could resist Circa and Stadium Swim.

If you love sports Vegas will soon be your second home. If you’re looking to book a party bus to a sporting event in Las Vegas, contact us.