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Las Vegas is home to amazing bars but sometimes you want to kick it up a notch. All through the city you can find speakeasy-style bars where the drinks are strong and the vibes are great. Guests can sometimes find them selves here as we do our checkins in or close by to the venues below. To join a tour visit this link, otherwise Here’s a list of The Best Speakeasies you must visit in Las Vegas:


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Located at the Aria, Easy’s is the place to hit for not only a donut but nightly jazz music. The Lounge is hidden behind a donut and coffee counter at the proper eats food hall.

Ski Lodge

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Located in Superfrico at Cosmo this speak easy transports you away from Vegas to a snowy mountain retreat. With faux snowy windows this place is definitely one to hit when you need a break from the desert.

The Barbershop

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Found at the Cosmo Hotel, this speakeasy  specializes in both hair cuts and cocktails. While this location is a full working barbershop guests can check out the door in the back left corner to find a stunning speakeasy bar on the other side.