Tonight’s the night. You and your girlfriends are heading out to walk The Strip or go on a VIP club crawl. Las Vegas can get hectic when it’s time to party, so you need to remember to bring a few important items before you leave your hotel. Here are 5 things every lady should bring with her when going out in Vegas.

1. Band-Aids

Most girls have a few inches on their heels when they’re headed out for a night of clubbing and trying to look their best. Although you may look sexy on the dancefloor while wearing stilettos, you’re likely to get a few blisters while wearing the shoes. Bring a few Band-Aids along in your clutch to protect your heels from further damage during the night once your feet begin to hurt.

2. ID

Although you may be flattered that the bouncer doesn’t think you look old enough to get into the club, you’ll still want to bring your ID with you to avoid being left behind by your friends. Bring two different forms of ID to ensure you have a backup.

3. Small Mirror

Avoid bringing your entire makeup kit along with you while headed to the club because it may become heavy to lug around during the night. Pack a small mirror when you need to reapply your lip gloss or check to see if your makeup is smudged.

4. Cash

Many clubs require a cover charge to enter the building, and they don’t always accept cards. Bring cash along to pay to get into the establishment and to cover the cost of drinks or food you purchase while inside. Cash will also make it easier to split the bill with your friends when you dine at a restaurant, take a taxi home, or take a party bus tour.

5. Oil Sheets

You may not look as cute as you think while trying to flirt with a guy on the dancefloor if you have sweat or oil that develops on your face. Bring a pack of oil sheets with you to maintain your matte finish and avoid having a shiny forehead, which will show up in pictures.

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