Regardless of where your day or night out in Vegas takes you, there are going to be instances when you’ll want to offer a tip. The real dilemma, however, is deciding how much to give. At Turnt Up Tours in Las Vegas, we see people struggle with this all the time and have created this handy guide to help.


Two bucks is standard, but you can kick it up some if your valet helped you with directions or anything else beyond parking. Tip when you pick up your vehicle.


Determine your dinner tip based on the quality of the service and the cost of the meal. While 15 percent is acceptable, 20 percent is closer to the current norm.


If you’re at a restaurant bar or lounge, default to 20 percent for your server. If you’re walking up to the bar, the bartender usually gets a buck a drink; an extra dollar ensures speedy refills.

Strip Club

Hand the host or bouncer a twenty as you enter if you want a decent table. As for the dancers, if you’re lingering by the stage, throw a dollar their way–and keep the Washington’s coming if you want some attention. For a lap dance, that’s something you’ll negotiate with the performer.


Tipping a twenty at check-in may get you a room upgrade or more attentive service. Go with $2 per bag for bellhops and $5 per room trip. Don’t forget to show some love to the housekeepers and leave at least a five before checking out–more if your room is really messy.


Slip the doorman a twenty to make a good first impression, more if you’re trying to get into one of the newer hotspots. If you’re at a prime location in the club, tip generously. Your cocktail waitress usually gets 20 percent.


If you win big, share the joy with the dealer, about 10 percent, which can be handed out in chips. Offer a buck or two to the bathroom attendant if you accept a mint or take another item from their selection.

Tour Guides

Most tour guides do a good job of taking people to the hidden gems in Vegas. Go with $20–and a five for the driver.

Street Performers

You don’t have to tip Vegas street performers unless you take a photo with one of them or make a request–in which case a buck or two is usually fine.

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