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A Vegas wedding proposal is a dream come true for many couples. With the bright lights of the strip and romance at every corner, there is no better place in the world to pop the question. Here are 8 tips to help you plan an amazing wedding proposal in Las Vegas. Tour The Strip, explore the rest of the city, and propose to your future bride.

1. Personalize the Proposal

Do something your bride-to-be will love and remember forever. For example: if she loves the outdoors, consider proposing during a hike at the Red Rock Canyon or while riding in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

2. Hire a Crew to Help You

Because Vegas is all about love, there are experts in the area who would be happy to help you plan an amazing wedding proposal.

3. Give Yourself a Budget and Stick to It

You don’t want to hire a horse and carriage to carry you and your loved one down The Strip if it means you won’t be able to afford a nice dinner afterward. 

4. Rent a Limo

To make the experience as posh as possible, skip the rental car and go straight to a limo. You will impress your lady and you won’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

5. Plan Ahead

When creating the experience of a lifetime, the best way to make it run smoothly is to have a plan in place and then stick to it.

6. Hire a Photographer

When you are proposing at a place as grand as Las Vegas, have a professional photographer on hand to capture the moment forever.

7. Make It a Long Event

Plan the proposal festivities to last through the night. Take her out to dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, which overlooks the fountain at the Bellagio, then dance the rest of the night away at Blush.

8. Ride the Canal

If you still aren’t sure how to put together an amazing wedding proposal in Vegas after reading these tips, do it while riding on a gondola down the canal at the Venetian. Nothing screams romance more than a gondola ride.

If your bride-to-be loves to party, take her on a club crawl in Vegas and propose to her on the bus or at one of the awesome clubs in between the drinking and dancing. Checking out the best places to party with the help of Turnt Up Tours can make your proposal that much more amazing. Call 702-843-0525 today to book your tour.