If you are looking to get off the Strip in Las Vegas and venture off into what Vegas was like back in the day, then head down to Fremont street! Fremont Street is smaller than the Vegas Strip, yet has just as much to offer! Here are the Top 3 new bars on Fremont Street to check out!


We All Scream 


If you’re looking for an immersive colorful bar, you must check out We All Scream! This bar has 3 different areas to check out! When you walk in, you are transported back into time with their 1950’s styled Ice Cream Parlor vibe. They have a full bar with great specialty cocktails that taste delicious! They even have a drink that makes your tongue and lips numb, but don’t worry, it only lasts a couple of seconds! 
This immersive bar continues outside where you have an outdoor patio with a Dj booth that’s inside an Ice Cream Truck! The walls are covered in amazing art designed by local artists here in Las Vegas! Whether you decide to go upstairs from the outdoor patio or from inside the main area, the rooftop dancefloor is definitely worth checking out! The best thing about this bar is that they sell Ice Cream all night long! 
We All Scream is located: 517 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101


Right next door to  We All Scream is Cheapshot! This bar is a place where anything can happen! There is an endless amount of entertainment here because it features the biggest little show in las vegas! Miss Behave Mavericks is a wild variety show with so much to offer you don’t want to miss it! Tickets are $25 with shows every Thursday, Friday & Saturday! This bar is classy! You must add this to your Vegas Bucket list if you want to see a show without breaking your budget!  The bar may be small, but they make everyone feel as if they paid for VIP tickets! Of course, let’s not forget about the cocktails! They serve some amazing cocktails on their menu!

Find out more here: https://www.cheapshotdtlv.com


The Zoo 

The Zoo Nightclub is a new bar located across from the Container Park on Fremont Street right about 700 Fremont! All Animals are welcome here! This Rooftop Bar is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area! Just 2 blocks down from We All Scream, add this bar to your bar hopping list! The inside is decorated with amazing graffiti of animals all along the walls designed by local artists here in Las Vegas! 
If you feel like getting wild on Fremont St, check out this bar any day of the week! You get a bird’s eye view of The Container Park. During the day is great for family-friendly eats, but during the night, leave the little animals at home so you can party all night with the rest of the Zoo! The Zoo Nightclub is a hip-hop bar that is perfect for a night out with your friends! 

This bar is located: 700 E Fremont St. Suite A, Las Vegas NV 89101

I hope you get the opportunity to check out these Top 3 new bars on Fremont Street! After checking out these bars, be sure to check out Turnt Up Tours! Turnt Up Tours will take you on a day or night club crawl to three of your favorite clubs on the Las Vegas Strip! For more information or to book a club crawl today, click HERE or give Turnt Up Tours a call at 702-843-0525!