It shouldn’t shock you that the American nightclub industry is currently at an all-time high. The cost of a night out has dramatically increased over the years, as the current budget is now required to include drinks, food, transportation, and entrance fees, and

that’s if you’re only stopping at one club. With such constant and hefty prices, and a customer base that shows no signs of slowing down, the nightlife business now earns a truly staggering amount of revenue. Below, we have a list of the country’s top ten wealthiest nightclubs:

1. XS, Las Vegas, $105 million

2. Hakkasan, Las Vegas, $103 million

3. Marquee Nightclub, Las Vegas, $85 million

4. TAO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, $55 million

5. LIV, Miami Beach, $45 million

6. Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, $45 million*

7. LAVO New York, New York City, $35 million

8. Story, Miami Beach, $30 million

9. Hyde Bellagio, Las Vegas, $30 million*

10. LAVO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, $25 million

Seven out of the ten clubs are located in Las Vegas, with two in Miami and one in NYC. With Vegas venues’ dependable lineups of EDM’s most talked about acts along with their wild reputations and glamorous aesthetic, it makes sense that ludicrous amounts of money are spent by those who can afford it. The fierce competition between these clubs will undoubtedly continue as the years go on and incomes continue to rise. The only option will be to create an experience even bigger and more elegant, something that will draw the party goers in. We cannot know for sure if this approach will ever stop, as owners find a comfortable spot to settle. For now, though, the party will go on.

*Turnt Up Tours venue