A large amount of the people who come ready to party in Sin City are single men and women. Las Vegas is an easy place to enjoy when you’re not tied down in a relationship, even if it happens to be Valentine’s Day. Try some of these activities, and you might even be lucky enough to find some new romance for the holiday.

Attend a Singles Party

Singles parties are everywhere in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day, and they are the perfect way to avoid spending the romantic holiday alone. Many of the parties offer drink specials and free shots with an open bar available throughout the night. You can drink, mingle, and be merry instead of sulking in your singleness at your hotel or at home.

Watch the Game

Sports fans can celebrate being single by watching a game at Beer Park by Budweiser, which is located on the Strip. You can order from a selection of 100 beers and indulge in a hearty cheeseburger, which will prove to be a great alternative to dining at an overpriced restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Take a Cooking Class

Brush up on your cooking skills by taking a class that allows you to enjoy an incredible meal without needing a date. You may even meet a special someone in the class while learning how to make steak frites or a chocolate soufflé.

Race a Fast Car on the Track

If you’ve been dying to travel at high speeds in an exotic sports car, take a ride in a Corvette or a Ferrari on a track at the Motor Speedway. The speedway even offers free laps to singles who purchase a package on Valentine’s Day.

Paint and Drink Wine

Feel like Van Gogh and sip on wine while painting a masterpiece in a class, then take home a piece of your own original artwork. An instructor can assist you with the technique and offer tips on how to improve your strokes.

Attend a Pub Crawl

Take your single friends with you on a pub crawl in Las Vegas, and create a specific route that allows you to visit the most unromantic bars in the local area.

Single people should make sure to book a private tour on a Vegas party bus. There’s a good chance you’ll meet someone else who is single and ready to mingle either on the bus or at one of the exciting clubs you’ll get to party at. Enjoy the single life in Vegas while riding in style. Get in touch with Turnt Up Tours at 702-843-0525 and book with us today.