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If you are thinking of going to Las Vegas to get married, Las Vegas Turnt Up Tours hopes you’ll consider these wedding tips. They are designed to help you get the most for your money on your special day.

1. Wedding License

Even if you plan on eloping to Las Vegas, you still need a wedding license. Head to a Clerk at a Clark County Marriage Bureau location and bring picture identification. There is no waiting period in Nevada, so couples can get married the same day.

2. Choose a Date

The cheapest months to get married in Las Vegas are in January, March, early November and early December. Before finalizing your wedding date, check with the Las Vegas Convention Bureau so that you can avoid any major conventions. Avoid holidays and other special days as well, as these are peak days for marriages.

3. Photography

You will want to remember your day with special photographs. Most wedding chapels provide an hour for photographs. Some even provide a professional photographer. Extend the hour by hiring a separate photographer and shooting at locations around town.

4. The Dress

Many women choose to spend hours shopping for the perfect dress and bring it along with them. If that is not your style, then consider renting a wedding dress. Alternatively, wear what you want because it’s your wedding. You can even wear a costume at any of the themed chapels in the area.

5. The Chapel

There are over 50 wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Most are located between downtown and the strip. Alternatively, most chapels and many restaurants allow you to have a wedding there. During warmer weather, consider hosting a wedding at one of the local parks.

6. The Celebrant

Any minister can perform a wedding in Las Vegas. If you choose an out-of-state minister, then they need a Certificate of Permission from the state of Nevada. Alternatively, notary publics can perform weddings.

7. Witness

You need at least one witness at your wedding. If you don’t happen to have one, most chapels have someone who can witness your wedding. Alternatively, consider bringing along a special friend.

8. Hair and Makeup

It is your special day, so look the part. Many beauticians in Las Vegas will perform this service. Some will even do it in your hotel room providing an extra special touch on your wedding day. 

It’s all well and good to plan the wedding, but we hope you won’t go all the way to Vegas without hosting a bachelorette and bachelor party. To accommodate you party going needs, turn to Turnt Up Tours to book your Las Vegas party bus tour. Call (702) 843-0525 to book your tour today.