If you don’t think dressing for a pool party is challenging, then you’ve never been to a pool party in Las Vegas before. Don’t worry. We’re here to help! Before hopping on a party bus in Las Vegas and heading to a few unforgettable pool parties, read through the following fashion dos and don’ts.

Don’t Wear Jeans

While we feel like this one should be pretty obvious, it’s worth noting that if you aren’t wearing proper swim attire, you’ll likely be banned from the pool area. This also means no athletic clothing (including basketball shorts, sweatpants, and jerseys), no cutoff clothing, and no baggy clothing in general.

Do Wear Sensible Swim Attire

For men, this usually means board shorts or swim trunks. Women are welcome to wear itty-bitty bikinis, but they should be in reasonably good taste, so leave the pasties and G-string in the hotel room.

Don’t Wear Sneakers

Tennis shoes, boots, Uggs, and other such shoes are off limits as well. Most dayclubs will allow boat shoes, sandals or flip flops; although some ban shoes altogether in the pool area, so check the dress code for the specific dayclub you have in mind before heading out.

Do Wear a T-Shirt

You can take it off once you’re in the pool area, but many dayclubs require partygoers wear t-shirts going to and from the pool area out of respect for other hotel and casino patrons. However, undershirts, plain white tees, offensive prints, and wife beaters aren’t permitted. Women should also come prepared. Some dayclubs do insist that women bring a wrap or wear a sundress going to and from the dayclub.

Don’t Wear Technology

Some of us still aren’t used to the idea of wearable technology, but it has already found a place on the “Don’t” list. This extends to smart glasses and anything else that could be used to capture video or take pics.

Most Vegas dayclubs will check your attire before you even get anywhere near the pool area. Play it safe when choosing what to wear and you should be good to go.

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