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In addition to taking a Las Vegas party bus tour, club hopping is an iconic part of visiting Vegas. Just remember to keep your attitude in check and follow these simple rules, otherwise the bouncers will bust you.

1. Using a Fake ID

You may have a moustache and wear your dad’s business suit while club hopping in Las Vegas, but you can easily get kicked out of the establishments if your ID is discovered to be fake after you enter the building.

2. Drug Use

Although patrons are known to get wasted on alcoholic beverages at clubs, there’s often a zero-tolerance policy for drug use.

3. Harassment

Many people are known to get hot and heavy in the club, but sexual harassment is enough to get thrown out by the bouncer if you begin to creep on women or touch them inappropriately.

4. Dress Code

You’ll likely get busted by a bouncer for wearing the wrong attire to a club if you underdress for the establishment. Avoid wearing sneakers, shorts, or t-shirts, but also remember to check the club’s rules in advance.

5. Too Intoxicated

Ordering too many drinks can cause you to get kicked out of a Las Vegas nightclub if you push the limit with how intoxicated you become. Drawing too much attention to yourself and causing a scene is a big no-no by most bouncers.

6. Causing Fights

You may feel cool hitting the dance floor and rubbing shoulders with other patrons, but the minute you begin to punch another person or pull hair is when you’ll likely have to leave the club.

7. You Have a Bad Attitude

Many people are surprised to learn that they can get kicked out of a club simply by being a jerk to the doorman. Make friends and act polite if you want to stay.

8. Dine and Dash

Too many people think they can guzzle down drinks and avoid paying for the alcoholic beverages before heading for the front door. Security doesn’t take it lightly when they see you trying to steal at the bar.

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