Recently, Melanie Lee with WhereTraveler wrote an article about all things Turnt Up Tours titled “Visit the Best Las Vegas Nightclubs With Turnt Up Tours.” So today, we’re steering away from our usual blog post and dissecting the WhereTraveler article! 

Let’s start with who is WhereTraveler?

WhereTraveler is the premier travel publishing company in the world that publishes print and digital content to assist travelers. Everything from maps, books, magazines, and digital content, WhereTraveler provides you with up-to-date information from a local perspective. The original content covers attractions, entertainment, shopping, and restaurants in nearly 100 cities, including Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Where can WhereTravel content be found?

WhereTraveler’s digital content can be easily accessed on their website at It is recommended to create a free account for easy access to tools and blogs on the go. Then, directly from a smartphone, travelers can access blogs with 50,000+ things to do while traveling. There is also a “Add to Trip” tool for easy vacation planning! 

WhereTraveler also offers several print products, including WhereTraveler Concierge, WhereTraveler Guestbook, WhereTraveler Magazine, WhereTraveler Map, WhereTraveler Menu Guide, and WhereTravel Quick Guide. WhereTraveler Concierge can be accessed by visiting the concierge desk at a Las Vegas hotel. These Concierges are available to assist travelers with creating the best Vegas vacation possible! WhereTraveler Guestbook comes out annually and is the best quality print material available. The guestbook features traveler’s stories, area profiles, beautiful photography, and celebrity interviews. WhereTraveler Magazine comes out monthly and is excellent to read on the go. Unfortunately, the magazine is only available in 37 cities worldwide, but it is available in Las Vegas. WhereTraveler Map provides a visual overview of cities. These maps are an essential tool for travelers when visiting a new city. Finally, the WhereTravel Quick Guide is an excellent tool for travelers with limited time in each city. The quick guide is a pocket-sized book that outlines the most fantastic attractions at each destination.  

For more information on WhereTraveler or where to find WhereTraveler resources click HERE! 

Who is Melanie Lee?

Melanie Lee wrote the WhereTraveler article, “Visit the Best Las Vegas Nightclubs with Turnt Up Tours,” in December of 2021. She interviewed our staff members Jonny Wispas, Turnt Up Tours Owner, Kelsey Withrow, Turnt Up Tours Manager, and me, Britney Wilson, Turnt Up Tours Lead Host, for quotes and to get a better insight into the company. 

Now, who is Melanie Lee? Lee is the editor and the New York and Las Vegas print publications. Melanie has traveled to several dozen countries and states. Her love for travel led her to Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend school at UNLV. When Melanie isn’t writing, she is planning her next vacation.

What is the WhereTraveler Turnt Up Tours Article About?

Now let’s talk about all things Turnt Up Tours!

The WhereTraveler article, “Visit the Best Las Vegas Nightclubs With Turnt Up Tours,” discusses how Turnt Up Tours started, what makes Turnt Up Tours different from other party bus companies, and what a typical club crawl consist of. 

Turnt Up Tours started when a few East Coasters moved to Las Vegas and realized the difficulty of getting into the clubs and dealing with promoters. For a newbie in Vegas, navigating the clubs can be intimidating and stressful, especially for females. So when booking a club crawl with Turnt Up Tours, all guests are assigned a Party Host that assures guests can get into the clubs and don’t have to wait in long lines or deal with shady promoters. In addition, we take the stress of planning a night out away from the guests so they can enjoy their night worry-free. 

Turnt Up Tours is not the only club crawl in town, but we do things a little differently. We do not make street sales to convince tourists to hop on our party bus, but instead, we focus our attention on digital marketing. We also only work with the best of the best in Las Vegas, including bus rentals, A-List clubs, and female model hosts. We strive to keep our tour groups classy and intimate to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time.

A typical club crawl with Turnt Up Tours will take you to three day or nightclubs, two-party bus rides, complementary juices provided on the bus, line skip at all clubs, and expedited entry. The party bus cruises up and down the strip for 20 minutes on each ride and allows guests to stay in each club for an hour. Turnt Up Tours is an excellent experience for Las Vegas locals and tourists who are new to the party scene or want to club hop with an experienced host!

Now that you know about all things Turnt Up Tours, it’s time to book a club crawl and experience the fun for yourself! Click HERE or call/ text us at 702-843-0525 to book a club crawl today!