Bars to checkout on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a great nightlife experience, downtown Las Vegas might be the place for you. There are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from when it comes to having a good time and getting drinks with your friends. Here are my top picks for bars on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas  that you should checkout if you plan on coming through this desert city any time soon:

Fremont Street


One of our favorite spots in downtown Las Vegas is Commonwealth. It’s a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city and great drinks to match! The location itself is hard to beat: right on Fremont Street, you can walk from here over to the Golden Nugget or into Container Park without having to cross any streets.

The bartenders are friendly, the crowd is fun and lively–and if you’re feeling like dancing your heart out there’s no shortage of space for it either! If you’re looking for a fun night out this place should definitely be on your list of places to check out!


Corduroy is a great place to go for a drink. The bartenders here are friendly and knowledgeable, the drinks are reasonably priced, and there are some great events here–like the weekly “Game of Thrones” viewing parties (on Monday nights).

The atmosphere at Corduroy is relaxed yet lively; it’s easy to strike up conversation with other patrons or simply enjoy yourself in silence as you sip on your cocktail.

The drink menu at Corduroy is long and varied. There are plenty of classic cocktails available, but the bartenders also have their own special creations that they’re willing to make for you if you ask nicely.

We All Scream

We All Scream is a rooftop bar that offers both great drinks and a fun atmosphere. The venue doubles as an ice cream parlor, with flavors like “Cookie Dough” and “Salted Caramel.” If you’re looking for dancing, try out the venue’s DJ nights on Fridays and Saturdays!

We hope that you enjoyed this list and that it helps you find some new favorite places to check out in downtown Las Vegas. We’d also love to hear about your experiences at these bars and others not mentioned here! So please share them in the comments below.