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Like any big city, Las Vegas has its share of crime. But all casinos along The Strip have security cameras, so you’re likely to be fine inside gambling areas, and the streets are almost always crowded. In general, use common sense to stay safe and consider the following tips from the leading Las Vegas club crawl tour company.

1. Go with a Partner

If possible, bring a buddy with you whenever you’re out and about on The Strip. A friend can also provide an added layer of safety when you’re inside gambling.

2. Pay Attention to Surroundings

Don’t get so caught up in the action that you lose track of what’s around you. Stick to well-lit areas and pay attention to anyone getting unusually close or following you.

3. Don’t Meet Someone New in a Remote Location

No matter how amazing the chemistry may be with someone new, stick to the safe, populated areas of The Strip for any meet-ups. Try to keep any encounters within your hotel, if possible.

4. Don’t Walk Alone

Don’t go on late-night walks from one spot to the next by yourself, especially if you’re going to be enjoying drinks and possibly not fully aware of everything. Take a bus, call a taxi, or search for an available Uber driver.

5. Request a Security Escort

If you don’t feel safe going to your vehicle or back to your room alone, request an escort from security. Definitely opt for a security escort if you’ve won big.

6. Hide Cash and Protect Valuables

Place valuables in the hotel safe or simply don’t bring anything too valuable with you other than any bling you plan to wear. Use a money belt or inside jacket pocket to protect credit cards and cash. Women, keep a tight grasp on your bag or wear it across your body.

7. Watch Your Winnings

Don’t leave machines unattended in any of the casinos along The Strip, especially if you haven’t cashed out. Be mindful of your chips while at tables.

One way to stay safe while out and about on The Strip is to join a Las Vegas party bus tour. We shuttle you and your group to and from some of Sin City’s hottest clubs so you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving and boarding is a good time to do a quick head count and make sure all your friends are accounted for. Find out more about our tours by heading to our website,