As with everything in Sin City, there’s full price and there’s the somewhat elusive discount price–if you know where to look. If you’re willing to be flexible with the kind of shows you want to see, you may be surprised at how easy it is to score some cheap tickets. Try these tips from Las Vegas Turnt Up Tours.

1. Have Realistic Expectations

Keep it real. You’re not going to get anything cheap for Cirque, Britney, Celine, or any of the other in-demand Vegas shows. You can still be entertained on the cheap, just within reason.

2. Book at the Show’s Hotel

If there is a show you absolutely have your heart set on, make reservations at the hotel hosting the event. Don’t assume anything. Ask about discounts before you book. Some hotels save package deals for their guests, which can sometimes include dinner and drinks.

3. Ask About Shows at Sister Locations

Some Vegas hotels have associations with other hotels and venues. Any cross-promotional deals they offer for shows at sister locations are likely to be reserved for guests, so do a little digging and see what’s offered.

4. Opt for Weekday Shows

Ticket prices tend to get jacked up to the max on weekends. Take a look at the weekday listings for your preferred show since prices tend to be lower for these performances. You can also compare show times, since many shows do two performances a night.  

5. Look at Permanent Shows

Limited engagement shows are usually booked months in advance and any tickets available aren’t going to be cheap. Shift your attention towards the permanent Vegas shows instead.

6. Book Really Early

As soon as you know your Vegas plans, start looking for shows. Some ticket sites offer special discounts for early buyers.

7. Consider Less-Than-Spectacular Seats

You’re going to pay for an amazing view at most shows. Instead, check out some of the “okay” seats and put up with the inconvenience if you want to save some green.

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